Meeting of Association “Les Montgommery” held in Ste Foy de Montgommery, France, 19 June 2018.

Church at Ste Foy de Montgommery, France, where work for restoration and identification of Montgomery burials is taking place








For people who wish to make a donation for the restoration of the fortified enclosure (or fortress) of Sainte-Foy de Montgommery and perhaps also to join the association (10 euro per year for 1 person and 15 euro for 2 persons .)

Here is some information :

– there were different stages 1) the first: this fortress of Roger I of Montgommery has already had facilities: – the ditches were cleared – a staircase to climb from the center of the enclosure to the top of the embankment was built – electricity has been brought

2) the second stage planned for the 2018/2019 period includes: – the layout of the entrance from the road – the construction of a second stairway to descend from the slope – thanks to drones and laser techniques archaeologists will realize a survey that will allow you to see the subsoil up to 60 to 80 centimeters deep – creation of a “Montgommery circuit” for cultural and tourist visits to the main sites of Saint-Germain and Sainte-Foy de Montgommery – restoration of the church of Sainte-Foy and the 2 gravestones it shelters under which there are 3 Montgomery burials.

3) the third step 2019/2020 will be based on the results of the survey and the financial resources available to us; it could include: the construction of 20 or 30 meters of palisade on the top of the slope, a modest arrangement of the defensive gate which protected the entrance of the enclosure; the construction of a part of the footbridge which made it possible to cross the ditch to go from the high court to the low court; the construction of the well site inside the enclosure; and finally, the construction of a small Viking building in the enclosure. Moreover, we intend to make this ensemble live with festivals of the time, shows, concerts etc.

If people are interested in this, a separate PayPay will be set up to facilitate donations and/or membership at “Association Les Montgommerys”

Inside church at Ste Foy de Montgommery, France, where Montgomery burials are to be identified.

Observing the work to clear brush at St Germain de Montgommery, France